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The Wrong Ways to Handle Your Keys

10/29/2015 Back To Blog

One of the main causes of lock damage is the key blade breaking inside. It can simply snap or break into several pieces. In such cases, lock repair is necessary to resolve the problem. If the blade has caused major damage to the cylinder, this component or the entire lockset will have to be replaced. What causes this kind of issue? Find out how a series of mistakes can lead to an accident like this and get important advice on how to avoid them.The Wrong Ways to Handle Your Keys

Are You Using Door Locks and Keys Properly?

Many people make the mistake of carrying their keys together with various other items such as personal belongings in a bag or metal tools in a toolbox. This can easily lead to damage such as scratches, tiny chips and slight bending. Unfortunately, these problems are rarely noticed until the blade gets separated from the bow while being inside the lock. Given this, it is important for you to focus on protection. Keep keys in a separate compartment with soft walls inside a bag, briefcase or a similar item. It is best not to carry your keys in your pocket and especially in an open one belonging to jeans. Otherwise, they can easily slip out and go missing. This is actually a very common cause of lost house keys.

In addition to keeping keys protected, you should inspect them from time to time. Check all pointy sections for chipping. Place the blade next to a straight edge to get a clear idea of whether it is bent or not. If you notice any issues, timely key replacement will be required. Do not procrastinate as this increases the risk of an accident like the one described above.

Have you ever paid attention to how you operate the lock with the key? It is wrong to use a great amount of force as this increases the risk of key snapping immensely. If have to do this, then you must have the lock fixed right away. The risk of snapping is the highest when the force is applied sideways on the bow. If you have to push it too hard in one direction, you need to stop immediately and opt for repair. A key may be difficult to turn for a variety of reasons. In some cases, only cleaning and lubrication will be needed to fix the problems. In others, there may be a need for lock change due to damage or wearing.

Finally, it may go without saying, but it is wrong to use a key for any other thing apart from locking and unlocking a door. It is not a tool for making holes or opening cans. Keep keys safe as they are essential for your security.

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