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Welcome to a web page especially designed for the average user of locks and keys. Discover the detailed answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about these devices and their use and maintenance. All the information presented here is easy to remember and to use for practical purposes.

Residential Lock Rekey & Key Change Services

Should we get digital locks for the house?

Digital door locks become more and more popular among homeowners lately because they offer high security and owners can open them by entering their password, using a regular key or pressing the fob. So, it's almost impossible for you to get locked out. There are many advantages, but if you are not used in digital systems perhaps you want to try installing only one digital security door lock at a time.

I can't put the key in the lock. What's wrong?

First of all, check that you are holding the right key for this specific door lock. If it's the correct one, check all edges, grooves and ridges of the key. The tiniest damage might keep the key from getting in the lock. If the key is fine, our experts would suspect a problem with the lock. It might only need some cleaning and/or lubrication. If this is a new key replacement, it might not have been cut well.

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